Fruit and Vegetable Safety and Quality Professional Development Group

Mission Statement: To provide a forum to discuss items of interest to the safe production of fruit and vegetable products and to develop program topics and symposia for presentation at the IAFP Annual Meetings.

Meeting Information

Online Virtual Meeting

June 30, 2021

2:00 PM - 4:00 PM (EDT)

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Online 2020 Meeting Recording

How to Join

Involvement in committees and professional development groups (PDGs) offers Members the opportunity to share a wealth of knowledge and expertise. Members of committees and PDGs are the architects of the Association structure. They plan, develop and institute many of the Association's projects, including workshops, publications and educational sessions. Technical challenges facing the food safety industry are discussed, examined and debated. Members may volunteer to serve on any number of committees or PDGs that plan and implement activities to meet the Association's mission.

Membership on a PDG is voluntary (not by appointment) and may vary from year to year.

IAFP Members can manage their PDG involvement by logging in to the IAFP Web site. At the Member Dashboard, click “Edit Profile.” Your profile has two tabs: Contact Info and Professional Info. Select the Professional Info tab and update the PDGs you would like to participate in. We highly recommend that you contact the PDG chairperson for each group to let them know you have joined their PDG.

Non-members can contact Dina Siedenburg,, for more information.


2020 Board Response to Recommendations +

  1. Recommend to the Board that Kristin Esch, Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development, be approved as Vice Chair of the PDG.

    Board Response: Agree.

  2. Continue to offer free webinars sponsored by the IAFP Foundation to increase PDG accessibility to learning opportunities.

    Board Response: Agree.

2019 Board Response to Recommendations +

  1. The PDG would like to propose to the Board that the IAFP Connect online platform be developed into an app for use on cell phones and tablets. This could be sponsored by industry to off-set the costs of development and make the platform more likely to be used by members.

    Board Response: Agree. Staff will investigate the cost and implementation.

2018 Board Response to Recommendations +

  1. Recommend to the Board that the Gretchen Wall, Cornell University, be approved as Vice Chair of the PDG.

    Board Response: Agree.

2017 Board Response to Recommendations +

  1. None.

2016 Board Response to Recommendations +

  1. Recommend to the Board that the Humberto Maldonado from Driscolls be approved as Vice Chair of the PDG.

    Board Response: Agree

  2. Recommendation to the Board to find a way to better determine the size and number of chairs needed for the PDG meeting; many members were standing or sitting on the floor. Additionally, it’s recommended that further consideration be made for the design and set-up of the room to better facilitate discussion and PDG member interactions, and/or PDG be allowed to modify the room set-up and put it back before the next meeting in the room (note: this may not be practical).

    Board Response: Badge scanning was used this year to obtain a more accurate number of attendees. This will help in room set up and making room assignments for 2017.

  3. Recommend to the Board that there be continued support and encouragement to hold Webinars.

    Board Response: Agree. Please contact the IAFP office to schedule a Webinar.

2015 Board Response to Recommendations +

  1. Recommend to the Board that the website be enhanced to enable the selection and deselect- ion of PDG(s) that a member (or non-member) can join and that updated information be automatically sent to the IAFP staff, and Chairs and Vice chairs of the applicable PDG(s).

    Board Response: IAFP staff will look into making these changes.

2014 Board Response to Recommendations +

  1. Recommend to the Board that Sherri McGarry serve as the Vice-Chair for this PDG.

    Board Response: Approved.

  2. Recommend to the Board that the arrangement of the furniture in the PDG meeting space be more conducive to discussions with large numbers of people. Typically we have had a large circle of chairs with a second set of chairs around the perimeter. This previous set-up is advantageous compared to the lecture-style format of today’s meeting.

    Board Response: Because rooms are used for more than one Committee or PDG meeting, it is not feasible to make changes to room sets during the day. Some Members did not like the chairs around the perimeter of the room (did not feel a part of the conversation) so classroom set ups were used for large Committee and PDG meetings.



  • Food Safety Practices on U.S. Produce Farms Before FSMA

    Before FSMA's Produce Rule was implemented, USDA’s Economic Research Service and National Agricultural Statistics Service surveyed produce growers about their food safety practices. These survey data provide USDA’s first update of national food safety practices since 1999 and since microbial contamination of produce became widely recognized and researched. At the time of the survey, many growers who would be covered by the FSMA Produce Safety Rule (PSR) already had some food safety practices in place. Of these, larger growers had adopted food safety practices at higher rates than smaller growers, and small farms required more changes to meet the PSR standards than large farms.

    Download Slides

    Supplemental Documents

    Changes in U.S. produce grower food safety practices from 1999 to 2016

    Food Safety Requirements for Produce Growers: Retailer Demands and the Food Safety Modernization ActEconomic Information Bulletin No. 206


    • Gregory Astill, Speaker USDA Economic Research Service
    • Travis Minor, Speaker USDA Economic Research Service
    • Suzanne Thornsbury, Speaker USDA Economic Research Service
    • Gretchen Wall, Moderator Produce Safety Alliance Coordinator, Cornell University
  • "FDA’s Proposed FSMA Produce Rule" Webinar - Learn from the Experts

    International Association for Food Protection teamed up with the United Fresh Produce Association to bring together this webinar providing details about the FDA’s proposed Produce Rule under the FDA Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA). The webinar offers insights and analysis of the draft FSMA rules from the FDA, university experts, food safety leaders and legal counsel.

    Co-hosted by the International Association for Food Protection and United Fresh Produce Association

    Organized by the Fruit and Vegetable Safety and Quality PDG


    • Dr. James Gorny Senior Advisor, Office of Food Safety, FDA Center for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition (CFSAN)
    • David Durkin Legal Counsel, OFW Law