Operational Guidelines

Affiliate Council Approved: July 31, 2022
Executive Board Approved: August 4, 2022

  1. I. Name The name of this group shall be the Affiliate Council (Council) of the International Association for Food Protection (IAFP).
  2. II. Purpose The purpose of the Affiliate Council is to be an advisory body to the Executive Board of IAFP, to represent the interests of the Affiliate Associations to the Executive Board and to serve as the means for the interchange of ideas and recommendations on programs, Affiliate Awards and procedures among and between the Affiliate Associations and the Executive Board.
  3. III. Organization
    1. A. Membership The Affiliate Council shall consist of a designated member (known as a delegate) from each affiliate in good standing in their affiliate and in IAFP (delegate must be a current IAFP Member). The IAFP Vice-President shall act as Board Liaison. A member of the IAFP staff shall also serve as a liaison.
    2. B. Officers of the Affiliate Council
      1. 1.The members shall elect from the delegates, a Chairperson and Secretary. The Secretary of the Affiliate Council shall be elected to serve for two years, serving as Affiliate Council Secretary the first year and automatically succeeding to the Affiliate Council Chairperson the second year. In the absence of the Chairperson due to death or resignation, the Secretary shall serve the remainder of the Chairperson’s term and then his/her own term as Chairperson.
      2. 2.Duties of the Officers of the Affiliate Council:
        1. 2.1 The Chairperson shall:
          1. 2.1.1. Preside at all meetings of the Council;
          2. 2.1.2. Serve as a voting member of the IAFP Executive Board;
          3. 2.1.3. Work with the IAFP staff to establish the agenda for the Affiliate Council meeting;
          4. 2.1.4. Appoint all Council committees and task forces;
          5. 2.1.5. Report annually on the activities of the Council to the IAFP members during the Annual Business Meeting of IAFP;
          6. 2.1.6. Bring the concerns and problems of the Affiliates to the attention of the Executive Board;
          7. 2.1.7. Provide regular communication through the year to the Affiliate Delegates regarding the activities of The Board and work with the IAFP staff to prepare a newsletter for Affiliates;
          8. 2.1.8. Work with the IAFP staff to establish new Affiliates and to strengthen and encourage existing affiliates;
          9. 2.1.9. Chair the Affiliate Council Nominating Committee;
          10. 2.1.10. Serve on the committee for Affiliate Awards;
          11. 2.1.11. Represent the association and perform other duties as assigned by the President of IAFP;
          12. 2.1.12. Perform other duties as usually fall upon the presiding officer.
        2. 2.2. The Secretary shall:
          1. 2.2.1. Keep an accurate record of the proceedings and activities of the Council;
          2. 2.2.2. Assume the duties of the Council Chairperson in the absence of the Chairperson;
          3. 2.2.3. Keep a current record of delegates to the Council;
          4. 2.2.4. Serve as an ex-officio, non-voting member of the IAFP Executive Board, without travel support unless approved by the Executive Board.
          5. 2.2.5. Serve on the committee for Affiliate Awards.
        3. 2.3. The Past Chairperson shall serve on the committee for Affiliate Awards.
      3. 3. Election of Officers:
        1. 3.1. The Nominating Committee (See Section VI) will:
          1. 3.1.1. Request nominations for Council Secretary;
          2. 3.1.2. Screen nominated candidates and determine their eligibility and willingness to serve;
          3. 3.1.3. Select candidate(s)for the position of Council Secretary.
      4. 4.Election Process:
        1. 4.1. Affiliate delegates shall vote by direct election on candidate(s) proposed by the nominating committee and those self-nominated or proposed from the floor;
        2. 4.2. The candidate receiving the majority of the votes cast by the delegates shall be declared elected. The election process will be carried out via email, or at the Affiliate Council Meeting;
        3. 4.3. The newly elected Affiliate Council Secretary will be introduced at the IAFP Business Meeting and will take office at the same time as the new IAFP officers.
    3. C. Operations The Affiliate Council shall be governed by the Operational Guidelines. A copy of the current Affiliate Council Operational Guidelines shall be filed with the Executive Director of IAFP.
  4. IV. Awards The Affiliate Awards Committee will review and judge all annual submissions to determine final recipients for each Affiliate Award, including the C.B. Shogren Memorial Award; the Best Overall Affiliate Award; the Affiliate Member Education Award; the Affiliate Communication Materials Award; and the Affiliate Membership Achievement Award. Members of the Affiliate Awards Committee will recuse themselves from reviewing and judging submissions from their respective Affiliate, with a former Affiliate Council Chair to be selected to serve as an alternate judge. All Affiliate Awards will be presented during the IAFP Annual Meeting.
  5. V. Meetings
    • A. Frequency and Purpose The Affiliate Council shall meet at the time of the IAFP Annual Meeting. The Affiliate Council may meet at other times as necessary to conduct the business of the Affiliate Council. The time and place shall be determined by the Chairperson.
    • B. Quorum

      A quorum, for any assemblage to conduct business, shall consist of at least 10 delegate members present. Affiliate Council business may be conducted by majority vote of those members present at any meeting. Each delegate shall represent only one affiliate. There shall be no proxy votes.

      A quorum, for all Affiliate Council business that takes place independently of an assemblage, shall consist of a majority of delegate members. Affiliate Council business may be determined by recorded majority vote of all delegate members taken by mail, email, telephone, or facsimile ballot. Each delegate shall represent only one affiliate.

  6. VI. Committees
    • A. Nominating Committee There shall be a Nominating Committee consisting of the Council Chairperson, Council Secretary and Past-Chairperson.
    • B. Awards Selection Committee The Affiliate Awards Committee shall consist of the Chairperson, Secretary, and Past Chairperson.
    • C. Other Committees The Council Chairperson shall appoint additional committees as needed.
  7. VII. Amendment of Operating Guidelines The operating guidelines may be amended by a majority vote at the Affiliate Council Annual Meeting. Amendments become effective after approval by the IAFP Executive Board.

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