The list below shows upcoming webinars held by IAFP and IAFP’s Professional Development Groups (PDGs). Please note that all opinions and statements are those of the individual making the presentations and not necessarily the opinion or view of IAFP.

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  • Low Water Activity Foods Safety Series: Part 3 of 4 - Microbiological Safety of Dried Spices

    There are over 100 different plants, both annuals, and perennials that are commonly used as spices. Correspondingly, background microbiomes can vary dramatically as can the associated risk in spices. Spices can be used both fresh and as a dried product, here, the focus will be dried spices. The normal microbiome of dried spices will be affected during the drying process as well associated risk and detection. To further complicate risk in spices, many contain antimicrobial compounds that may inhibit growth of microbes and interfere with the detection of pathogens.  Nonetheless, even spices such as clove or oregano have been known to harbor foodborne pathogens or contain significant amounts of mycotoxins.  Preventative measures primarily focus on prevention and detection and have significant overlap with other dried foods. Further control measures can reduce and even eliminate pathogens from spices.  These include thermal treatment, irradiation, and gas treatments. In this session, the foodborne pathogen risks associated with dried spices and current associated control measures will be presented.


    • Alex Brandt, Presenter Food Safety Net Services, United States
    • Susanne Keller, Presenter FDA, United States
    • Joshua Gurtler, Moderator USDA-ARS, United States
  • Understanding Tech Traceability: How it Reduces Food Fraud (and Other) Risks

    This webinar will focus on tools available to enhance risk-based decision-making and supporting transparency and authenticity in food supply chains. Effective supply chain management requires transparency and documentation of a host of information: certifications, certificates of analysis, inventory, recalls, returns, and supplier management, to name a few. The speakers will address the need for effective management of a variety of information for successful supply chain oversight and ensuring food integrity, and they will discuss some approaches to this challenge. They will also cover the importance of industry standardization, as well as providing insight into the FDA’s New Era of Smarter Food Safety Blueprint and taking a targeted look at the FDA Leafy Green Pilot.


    • TJ Gupta, Presenter TagOne, United States
    • Kelly Kell Presenter GS1 US, United States
    • Karen Everstine, Moderator Decernis, United States
  • How Not to Put the "No" in Innovation: How to Make Food Safety and Product Development Collaborations Work!

    Organized by: The Wisconsin Association for Food Protection and Wisconsin Institute for Food Technologists

    Food safety is an important factor in the food product development process, which is many times overlooked or underappreciated. On the flip side, the product development process is a fast-paced, time-sensitive process, which relies on immediate reaction to proceed. Food safety, in some cases, can slow or deter the process. In this webinar, we will discuss the process from a food safety and product development expert's point of view and find the common ground that allows the collaboration to proceed without too many “no’s” deterring the process.


    • Kari Jacobsen-Gagnow, Presenter Sargento, United States
    • Joseph Meyer, Presenter Kerry, Inc., United States
    • Kara Baldus, Moderator Hydrite, United States
  • Process Validation to Meet FSMA Regulations – Tips & Tricks from Case Studies

    Food safety is a day-to-day challenge for any food company worldwide. With the application of the FSMA regulation and the Codex Alimentarius, all food processors need to perform a process validation. It consists of obtaining scientific evidence that a control measure or a combination of them if correctly implemented, is capable of controlling the pathogen of concern. It is not always easy to understand where to start. What are the parameters that need to be considered, what is the best methodology?
    In this webinar series, tips, tricks and the best practices used by industry experts to conduct validations using surrogates will be presented.


    • Juliany Rivera Calo, Presenter Ardent Mills, United States
    • Dessa Hix, Presenter International Specialty Supply, United States
    • Laure Pujol, Presenter Novolyze, France
    • Vidya Ananth, Moderator Novolyze, United States
  • Digitalizing Environmental Monitoring Programs to Unlock Their True Value in Ensuring Safe Quality Products

    Session One of Four in the Webinar Series: Food Safety and Quality Meets Digital Transformation – What Are the Industry’s Priority Pathways to Control Pathogens, Indicator Organisms, and Allergens? 

    The CDC estimates that each year one in six Americans or 48 million people get sick from foodborne illness, 128,000 are hospitalized, and 3000 die. The joint mission between the food industry, academia, and regulatory agencies is to reduce the number of foodborne illnesses. Digitalization is a critical step in improving food safety, traceability, and quality programs to decrease the room for error.

    Many companies are in various phases of digitalization at their companies and are test driving digitalization in areas such as environmental monitoring, process, and sanitation controls, recalls, supplier management, and verification systems. They are seeing benefits in traceability, speed, efficiency, centralized data management and compliance.

    Several open questions remain: What tools exist today and what are missing? How does digitalization actually bridge gaps and how does it work in plants? How does it increase return on investment (ROI) while maintaining regulatory compliance and enhancing the quality of the product?


    • Derrick Bautista, Presenter Del Monte Foods, United States
    • Joseph Holt, Presenter OSI Group, United States
    • Michael Liewen, Presenter RETD, United States
    • Mark Moorman, Presenter FDA, United States
    • Vidya Ananth, Presenter Novolyze, United States