IAFP Foundation

View the video above to watch as Gary Acuff, Chairperson of the IAFP Foundation Committee, promotes a new initiative, "4 for 40."  This initiative is to raise $4 million by the Foundation's 40th Anniversary in 2024.

We live in a global economy and the way food is grown, processed and handled can impact people around the world. From a public health perspective, it often provides unique challenges to the food safety professional. Combine these issues with the complexity of protecting the food supply from threats of intentional contamination and the challenges seem overwhelming. However, with our support the Foundation can make an impact on these issues.

The Foundation is currently funded through contributions from corporations and individuals. A portion of the support is provided from the Sustaining Membership of IAFP. The Sustaining Membership Program is a unique way for organizations to partner with the Association.

Support from individuals is also crucial in the growth of the Foundation. Contributions, big or small, make an impact on the programs supported by the IAFP Foundation. Programs currently supported by the Foundation include the following:

  • Travel support for IAFP Annual Meeting speakers
  • Travel support for IAFP European Symposium speakers
  • Travel support for speakers at global IAFP conferences
  • IAFP Webinars
  • Student Travel Scholarships for IAFP's Annual Meeting
  • Student Travel Scholarships for IAFP's European Symposium
  • Ivan Parkin Lecture
  • John H. Silliker Lecture (Funded through a contribution from Mérieux NutriSciences, Inc.)
  • Undergraduate Student Competition at IAFP's Annual Meeting
  • Developing Scientist Student Competition at IAFP's Annual Meeting
  • Developing Scientist Student Competition at IAFP's European Symposium
  • Travel Award for Food Safety Professionals in a Country with a Developing Economy
  • Travel Award for State or Provincial Health or Agricultural Department Employees

“Supporting the IAFP Foundation gives me an opportunity to further the mission of IAFP and contribute to the continuing education of our members. Education is paramount to the success and growth of our members, as well as all Food Safety Officials globally. No other organization gives back to its members better than IAFP and our Foundation”

Zeb E. Blanton, Jr. SGS – North America, Inc.