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  • Enhancing Pet Food Safety from Farm to Fork

    Organized by: Arkansas Association for Food Protection

    Join us for an insightful webinar exploring critical aspects of pet food safety, featuring industry experts discussing traceability, interventions for raw pet food, biofilm management, and regulatory impacts. This webinar provides a summary of the pet food safety session from the Arkansas Association for Food Protection 15th Annual Meeting. We will kick off the session with a talk on traceability within the pet food sector (Billie Johnson), followed by talks on interventions for raw pet food (Susy Tejayad) and preventing dry surface biofilms in the pet food processing environment (Michele Sayles). The session will end with a talk on impacts of regulations and customers on pet food safety (Jarrod Kersey), followed by brief Q&A.

    Learning Objectives:
    1) Understand the complexity of the supply chain and traceability solutions for pet food.
    2) Gain insight into processing techniques, such as high-pressure processing, to enhance the safety of raw pet foods.
    3) Examine different risks in pet food processing to prevent pathogen harborage.
    4) Learn how pet food safety and trends are impacted by regulations and customer expectations.

    • Billie Johnson, Presenter BHJ North America
    • Jarrod Kersey, Presenter Simmons Foods
    • Michele Sayles, Presenter Diamond Pet Food
    • Susy Tejayadi, Presenter
    • Jennifer Acuff, Moderator University of Arkansas, AAFP Past President
  • Prioritizing Hazards in Infant Foods

    Organized by: Modelling and Risk Analysis PDG & International Food Protection Issues PDG

    The webinar will address how food producers can prioritize hazards and rank risks in infant foods that differ in ingredients, process treatment and storage conditions. In addition, the consumer perception of risks associated with infant foods will be compared with experts’ opinion and outputs of science-based risks assessments. This webinar has been developed in the framework of the European project SAFFI. SAFFI aims at developing an integrated approach to enhance the identification, assessment, detection and mitigation of safety risks raised by microbial and chemical hazards along infant food chains.

    Learning Objectives:
    By attending this webinar, the participants will
    -be introduced to online available tools to identify microbial hazards and rank risks.
    -learn how different microorganisms can be grouped with respect to their resistance
    -understand how consumer perception differs from science-based risks assessment and experts’ opinions.

    • Kah Yen Claire Yeak, Presenter Wageningen University (NL)
    • Cristina Serra, Presenter Wageningen University (NL), IRTA (Spain)
    • Jeanne-Marie Membré, Presenter INRAE (France)
    • Marcel Zwietering, Moderator Wageningen University
  • Food Safety Culture PDG: Measure What You Treasure – The power of qualitative culture assessments.

    Organized by: Food Safety Culture PDG

    John Boyce: Using Frontline Focus Groups, Management Interviews, Document Review, and In-plant Observations to Measure and Improve Food Safety Culture in Food Manufacturing Environments.

    Paola Lopez: Conscious Leadership: Why Qualitative Approaches are Important.

    Sophie Tongyu Wu: Helping Middle Managers Make Sense of and Give Meaning to Food Safety Changes: A Qualitative Systematic Literature Review.

    Moderator, Melody Ge, Food Safety Culture PDG Chair