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  • From Farm to Fork: Ranking Food Safety Priorities in the Fresh Produce Industry

    Organized by: IAFP's: Fruit and Vegetable Safety and Quality PDG

    A broad understanding of food safety priorities in the fresh produce supply chain is essential to improve food safety knowledge and practices effectively and efficiently throughout the fresh produce industry. The goal of this study was to identify and rank community produce safety priorities in the United States. Survey questions were designed and approved by food safety experts for participants to rank 24 fresh produce safety priorities. The anonymous survey was distributed online via Qualtrics™ to fresh produce community members from November 2020 to May 2021. A total of 281 respondents represented fourteen different roles in the fresh produce industry, with most identified as growers (39.5%). These findings provide insight into community member priorities in fresh produce safety and can be used to inform intervention efforts, ranging from specialized training for produce growers and packers, industry-driven research projects, and gaps in risk communication strategies.

    Learning Objectives:
    1. Describe the food safety priorities of fresh produce commodity members.
    2. Identify emerging concerns in the fresh produce supply chain landscape.

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    • Bashiru Charles Bakin, Presenter Ohio State University, Ph. D. Student
    • Alexis Hamilton, Presenter Virginia Tech, Assistant Professor and Extension Specialist
    • Kristin Esch, Moderator FDA and Fruit and Vegetable Safety and Quality Chair
  • Impact of Water Use and Reuse in Food Production and Processing on Food Safety at the Consumer Phase: Focus on the Fish and Fishery Products Sector

    Organized by: IAFP's Water Safety and Quality PDG; International Food Protection Issues PDG ; Seafood Safety and Quality PDG

    Clean water is essential to maintain the safety and quality of fish and fishery products. Product safety can be affected by physical, chemical and microbiological hazards introduced through water (re)use during production, handling and processing. Hazards and hazardous events need to be continuously monitored and may require targeted interventions to reduce consumer risks to acceptable levels.

    The background to this webinar is the work of Codex Alimentarius on risk management guidance for water (re)use in the production, handling and processing of food commodities. Codex asked the FAO/WHO Joint Expert Meeting in Microbiological Risk Assessment (JEMRA) advice on this. JEMRA established a science- and risk-based framework on fit-for-purpose water (re)use as input to the Codex work.

    JEMRA experts will discuss the principles of this framework and case studies demonstrating how practical pre- and post-harvest interventions can mitigate product safety risks to consumers in the case of fish and fishery products.

    Learning Objectives:

    The participants will learn about the following aspects of water (re)use in the fish and fishery products sector:
    The efforts of JEMRA and Codex to develop a risk- and science-based framework to manage the safe use and reuse of water in the production, handling and processing of fish and fishery products by following a "fit-for-purpose" approach.
    The microbiological hazards potentially associated with water (re)use in production, handling and processing, and interventions that may help mitigate food safety risks at the consumer stage.
    Case-studies from the JEMRA report that illustrate practical examples of current water (re)use in the fish and fishery products sector in different parts of the world.

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    • Kang Zhou, Presenter FAO, Rome, Italy
    • Yulie Meneses, Presenter Cornell University
    • Carlos Campos, Presenter Jacobs
    • Leon Gorris, Moderator
  • Food Safety Culture PDG: Improving Food Safety Culture Through Soft Skills & Communication

    Organized by: Food Safety Culture PDG

    Explore how prioritizing soft skills and strengthening communication can help improve your food safety culture.

    • Austin Welch, Presenter Co-Owner, Sage Media
    • Jill Stuber, Presenter Co-Founder, Catalyst LLC
    • Nikita Jackson, Presenter Food Safety & Technical Services Manager
    • Tia Glave, Moderator Co-Founder, Catalyst LLC