Food Chemical Hazards and Food Allergy Professional Development Group

Mission Statement: To facilitate communication on topics in food toxicology including food allergens.

Meeting Information

IAFP 2024

July 14, 2024

How to Join

Involvement in committees and professional development groups (PDGs) offers Members the opportunity to share a wealth of knowledge and expertise. Members of committees and PDGs are the architects of the Association structure. They plan, develop and institute many of the Association's projects, including workshops, publications and educational sessions. Technical challenges facing the food safety industry are discussed, examined and debated. Members may volunteer to serve on any number of committees or PDGs that plan and implement activities to meet the Association's mission.

Membership on a PDG is voluntary (not by appointment) and may vary from year to year.

IAFP Members can manage their PDG involvement by logging in to the IAFP Web site. At the Member Dashboard, click “Edit Profile.” Your profile has two tabs: Contact Info and Professional Info. Select the Professional Info tab and update the PDGs you would like to participate in. We highly recommend that you contact the PDG chairperson for each group to let them know you have joined their PDG.

Non-members can contact Dina Siedenburg,, for more information.

Board Responses

2023 Board Response to Recommendations
  1. The FCHFA PDG had great participation at the 10 AM session. All the chairs were filled and we had another 20+ standing in the back of the room. Next year, we are requesting a larger room with more seating.

    Board Response: IAFP staff will certainly take this into account for IAFP 2024. The Board is excited to learn of the strong support and participation within the Food Chemical and Hazards and Food Allergy PDG.

2022 Board Response to Recommendations
  1. None.
2021 Board Response to Recommendations
  1. 1. Add a virtual option for future IAFP meetings.

    Board Response: IAFP will continue to evaluate meeting formats going forward. Presently, we plan to return to in-person speakers and attendees for 2022. Presentations are available (and have been since 2012) for viewing after completion of the Annual Meeting.

  2. 2. Could IAFP consider adding meeting collaboration tools like Mural or Jamboard to help with virtual brainstorming?

    Board Response: You are encouraged to use Mural or Jamboard in your meetings or prior to the meetings.

2020 Board Response to Recommendations
  1. Approve Angela Anandappa as new PDG Chair and Sally Klinect as PDG Vice Chair.

    Board Response: Agree.

  2. Make IAFP Connect more user friendly. Proposed IAFP invest in an App for IAFP Connect and provide/support a secondary means of communication outside of IAFP Connect.

    Board Response: IAFP Connect is mobile friendly so an App is not needed to use IAFP Connect. IAFP staff can make instructional videos to help users. The more a person uses IAFP Connect, the more you learn how it works.

2019 Board Response to Recommendations
  1. Confirmation of Angela Anandappa as the incoming Chair of the FCHFA PDG, with her term beginning at the 2020 Annual Meeting.

    Board Response: Agree. Angela Anandappa, as current Vice Chair, will automatically become the PDG Chair at IAFP 2020.

  2. Confirmation of Sally Klinect as the FCHFA PDG Vice Chair-Elect, with her term as Vice Chair beginning at the 2020 Annual Meeting.

    Board Response: Agree

2018 Board Response to Recommendations
  1. Confirmation of Angela Anandappa as the Vice Chair of the Food Chemical Hazards and Food Allergy PDG.

    Board Response: Agree.

  2. Recommend that this PDG have a larger room for the PDG meeting at the 2019 Annual Meeting.

    Board Response: Agree.

2017 Board Response to Recommendations
  1. Recommend that Paul Hanlon will be installed as Chair of the PDG at the 2018 Annual Meeting.

    Board Response: Agree,

  2. Recommend that the Board approve the Vice Chair election to take place via SurveyMonkey after the Annual Meeting.

    Board Response: The Board encourages PDGs to hold the Vice Chair election prior to the Annual Meeting so the Vice Chair begins their term at the Annual Meeting.

  3. The Chair and Vice Chair would like to solicit input from the PDG to assess member value and expectations of being a member of the Food Chemical Hazard and Food Allergy PDG. The goal is to align sessions, webinars and PDG meetings that meet or exceed member expectations. This will take place via SurveyMonkey. The PDG Chair and Vice Chair will make results available to the PDG and to the Board upon request.

    Board Response: The Board encourages you to survey your members as outlined.

2016 Board Response to Recommendations
  1. Recommend approval of Tony Flood as Chair and Paul Hanlon as Vice Chair.

    Board Response: Agree

2015 Board Response to Recommendations
  1. Recommend to the board to explore list management software or solution to enable better PDG membership management. A single sign up on the web and management via web.

    Board Response: IAFP staff will look into making these changes.

  2. Recommend the Program Committee consider scheduling any chemical and or toxicology related symposia be scheduled for Monday on the program. By doing so, it enables Society of Toxicology (SOT) and other chemical participants we’re trying to attract to attend the PDGs and then Monday present. It would reduce a travel hurdle for a segment we’re trying to develop.

    Board Response: Board agrees and will communicate this initiative to the Program Committee.

2014 Board Response to Recommendations
  1. PDG request the approval of Ji-Eun Lee as Vice-Chair.

    Board Response: Approved.

  2. Approve on-line election of Vice Chair for 2017 term.

    Board Response: PDGs may use Survey Monkey or a return E-mail for on-line balloting.

  3. Explore entering MOU with FDA to engage with Society of Toxicologists (SOT).

    Board Response: Additional information and clarification is needed on this topic.

  4. Recommend to the Program Committee to schedule the toxicology programs early in the IAFP 2015 Program (Sunday and Monday for 2015) to permit attendance by the SOT attendees.

    Board Response: The Program Committee will be encouraged to schedule toxicology sessions on concurrent days.

  5. IAFP consider a Society for Risk Analysis (SRA) Pre-Presentation followed up with a poster session type format to enable more sessions in same allotted time.

    Board Response: Additional information is needed for the Program Committee to consider this format.