Work Smarter, Not Harder - discussing the challenges and opportunities to improve support specific to small processors

Webinar Description

While the FSMA PCHF rule has been in effect since 2015, there is an alarming number of processors who are either unaware of the rule or are not in compliance with it. Therefore, there has been a significant amount of work to create resources and increase awareness.

The FDA and USDA formed four Regional Centers in 2015 with the aim to develop a national coordinated approach to food safety outreach and education of small and very small processors. Over the past 7 years, these efforts have focused on long-term activities to better understand the specific needs of this hard-to-reach audience and develop tailored resources to address these needs.

Learning Objectives:
A discussion of current best-shared practices and advice in terms of how to connect and engage with small processors, including a collaborative discussion related to some of the limiting factors that we have learned across regional centers through direct engagement with this underserved community.

Awareness of existing resources developed by each regional center and the USDA Food Safety Outreach Program and discussion of how others can leverage those resources within their work.

Create connections that can foster future collaborative work resulting in greater impact.


  • Annie Fitzgerald, Presenter Northeast Center to Advance Food Safety
  • Lynette Johnston, Presenter Southern Center for Food Safety Training, Outreach, and Technical Assistance
  • Angela Shaw, Presenter North Central Region Center for FSMA Training, Extension, and Technical Assistance
  • Stephanie Brown, Presenter Western Regional Center to Enhance Food Safety
  • Jodi Williams, Presenter United States Department of Agriculture Food Safety Outreach Program
  • Amanda Kinchla, Moderator University of Massachusetts Amherst