WHO Global Strategy for Food Safety 2022-2030

Webinar Description

Organized by: IAFP's International Food Protection Issues PDG

The Global Strategy for Food Safety has been developed to guide and support WHO Member States in their efforts to prioritize, plan, implement, monitor, and regularly evaluate actions towards the reduction of the burden of foodborne diseases by continuously strengthening food safety systems and promoting global cooperation. The strategy’s vision is for all people, everywhere, to consume safe and healthy food so as to reduce the burden of foodborne diseases. This strategy gives stakeholders the tools they need to strengthen their national food safety systems and collaborate with partners around the world.
During the webinar, the roles and involvement of the different stakeholders in the implementation of the strategy and in strengthening food safety systems will be presented.

Learning Objectives:
To celebrate Food Safety Day 2023, the webinar will present the recently published WHO Global Strategy for Food Safety 2022-2030. Participants will be informed about the importance of food safety to achieve the UN Sustainable Development Goals, the strategic priorities to build proactive, forward-looking, evidence-based, people-centered, and cost-effective food safety systems with coordinated governance and adequate infrastructures, the implementation of the strategy by Member States and the role of WHO, and monitoring and evaluation including a logical framework and targets for three global indicators.

Professional Development Groups

  • International Food Protection Issues Professional Development Group


  • Simone Moraes Raszi, Presenter World Health Organization
  • Marcel Zwietering, Moderator Wageningen University