Introduction to Toxicology Part II: New Methodologies: Application in Food Safety and International Trade 

Webinar Description

Organized by: IAFP's The International Food Protection Issues PDG

Part Two of a Two-Part Series: New Methodologies: Application in Food Safety and International Trade
Producing safe food requires attention to several aspects of the food during production, harvesting, processing, and distribution. Factors such as microbiological, allergen, foreign material, and chemical management are important parts of the overall food safety picture. With the current interest in toxic elements/heavy metals in infant formula and other foods, as well as the increasing interest in micro and nano plastics in food and the environment, a series of webinars has been created to provide overviews of the major principles of food toxicology; a review of already existing or newly developed methods and how these methods are applied to food toxicology; case studies of relevance to the food safety professional; as well as highlighting available resources.
This second webinar aims to provide a brief review of newly developed methods and discuss how they are and/or can be applied to food toxicology relevant to food safety and international trade.

Professional Development Groups

  • International Food Protection Issues Professional Development Group


  • Suzanne Fitzpatrick, presenter U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA)
  • Jos√© Vicente Tarazona Lafarga, Presenter PARC
  • Marianne Solomotis, Moderator U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA)
  • Steven Hermansky, Moderator DABT