Impact of Water Use and Reuse in Food Production and Processing on Food Safety at the Consumer Phase: Focus on the Dairy Products Sector

Webinar Description

Organized by: Water Safety and Quality PDG, International Food Protection Issues PDG and Dairy Quality and Safety PDG

Part Three: Water is essential for the production, handling and processing of dairy products. Consumer safety can be affected by physical, chemical and microbiological hazards introduced into food products through water (re)use. Hazards and hazardous events need to be continuously monitored and may require targeted interventions to reduce consumer risks to acceptable levels.

The background to this webinar is the work of Codex Alimentarius on risk management guidance for water (re)use in the production, handling and processing of food commodities. Codex has asked the FAO/WHO Joint Expert Meeting in Microbiological Risk Assessment (JEMRA) for advice on this.

JEMRA established a science- and risk-based framework on fit-for-purpose water (re)use as input to the Codex work. JEMRA experts have discussed the principles of this framework and the underlying scientific and technical principles. Case studies will be provide demonstrating how practical interventions can mitigate product safety risks to consumers in the case of milk and milk products.

Learning Objectives:

The participants will learn about the following aspects of water (re)use in the dairy products sector:
•The efforts of JEMRA and Codex Alimentarius to develop a risk- and science-based framework for managing the safe use and reuse of water in the production, handling and processing of dairy products by following a "fit-for-purpose" approach.
•The microbiological hazards potentially associated with water (re)use in this sector and interventions to mitigate food safety risks at the consumer stage.
•Practical examples and case studies regarding current water (re)use in the dairy products sector.

Professional Development Groups

  • Dairy Quality and Safety Professional Development Group
  • International Food Protection Issues Professional Development Group
  • Water Safety and Quality Professional Development Group


  • Kang Zhou, Presenter FAO, Rome, Italy
  • Claus Heggum, Presenter International Dairy Federation, Denmark
  • Leon Gorris, Panelist & Moderator Food Safety Futures, The Netherlands