How Can We Effectively Reuse Water End-To-End: Creating Equitable Future

Webinar Description

Organized by: Beverages and Acid/Acidified Foods PDG

Water supplies are coming under increasing pressure as climate change and pollution growth affect water supplies.

Water reuse is a process to treat and reuse water as potable and non-potable water supplies. Reuse water can provide alternative supplies to enhance water security, sustainability, and resilience.

Bacterial and viral pathogens, chemical contaminants such as nitrogen and phosphorus compounds, pharmaceuticals, endocrine-disrupting chemicals, cleaning and disinfecting chemicals, metals, salts, byproducts formed during processing, and mineral oils are commonly found in wastewater.

Our panel of leaders will discuss how water reuse can be a critical tool in promoting sustainability and water security. The panel will provide insights on the current regulatory landscape, microbiological and chemical hazards, risk mitigation, information and experiences in water treatment programs, targeted and non-targeted compounds in treated water for validation and verification of safety of reuse water.

Learning Objectives:
Bacterial and chemical contaminants found in waste water, risk associated with reuse water as an ingredient or potable water, and mitigation technologies will be discussed.

Professional Development Groups

  • Beverages and Acid/Acidified Foods Professional Development Group


  • Anett Winkler, Presenter Cargill
  • Walter Brandl, Presenter Merieux NutriSciences
  • Theresa Mazure, Presenter PepsiCo
  • Yuqian Lou, Presenter PepsiCo
  • Erdogan Ceylan, Moderator Merieux NutriSciences