Food Industry’s Response to COVID-19: Lessons Learned and Future Plans

Webinar Description

Organized by the Georgia Association for Food Protection

The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted all sectors of the food industry. During this challenging time, there has been incredible resiliency along the food supply chain with the implementation of novel infection control measures and rapid learning and adaptation to this fast-changing landscape with the goal of ultimately ensuring safe products to consumers and the health and safety of frontline food workers. The objective of this webinar is to hear perspectives from representatives of meat and poultry manufacturing, auditing, retail, food service, and supply chain sectors. Panelists will share key lessons learned in response to the COVID-19 pandemic across these different sectors. In addition, they will share future plans to protect these sectors against disruptions in the supply chain (minimizing manufacturing closures, etc.,), optimal infection control strategies, and other advances to continue to build resiliency against this and future epidemics.

Learning Objectives:

1. Learn key strategies implemented by the food industry in response to the COVID-19 pandemic

2. Understand challenges faced across food industry sectors on implementation of infection control measures etc.

3. Gain insight into the continued and new strategies being implemented by the food industry to control this and future pandemics.

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  • Betsy Booren, Presenter Consumer Brand Association, USA
  • Kaci Foote Food Safety Net Services Certification & Audit, USA
  • Sean Leighton Cargill, USA
  • Steven Lyon Chick-fil-A, Inc, USA
  • Katie Murchison Georgia Association for Food Protection, USA