Dry Cleaning: Is Water Friend or Foe in Food Safety and Sanitation?

Webinar Description

Organized by: The Food Hygiene and Sanitation PDG

We tend to think of water as our friend when it comes to cleaning, it's fast, easy, and effective, but its presence can encourage microbial growth and increase the spread of contamination.
Dry sanitation in the food industry is usually only considered in relation to those food plants that undertake dry/low (aw) food and ingredient processing. But dry/limited water sanitation can be a valuable option in the control of microbial hazards, and improve food safety for any processing plant.
In this webinar, Vikan’s Global Hygiene Specialist, Debra Smith, and Karl Thorson, Food Safety and Sanitation Manager at General Mills, will guide you in the maintenance of food safety and quality through the use of dry/limited water sanitation.

Learning Objectives:
Uncontrolled water: Learn how to
• Prevent it
Design it out – facilities & equipment; systems - zoning
Make it easy to clean – hygienic/sanitary design
• Find it
Drips, leaks, condensation, pooling, steam, frost, uncontrolled wet cleaning
• Fix it
Eliminate drips, leaks, etc.
Rationalize your cleaning
Choose sanitation methods that maximize contamination removal & minimize its spread

Professional Development Groups

  • Food Hygiene and Sanitation Professional Development Group


  • Debra Smith, Presenter Global Hygiene Specialist at Vikan
  • Karl Thorson, Presenter Food Safety and Sanitation Manager at General Mills
  • Nathan Mirdamadi, Moderator Sr. Food Safety Specialist at Commercial Food Sanitation L.L.C.