7-Steps of Sanitation (Spanish)

Webinar Description

Organized by the Sanitary Equipment and Facility Design PDG

During this webinar, you will learn about the 7-step sanitation process used in the food industry to ensure effective sanitation. The steps of the process are explained by experts in the field of sanitation. The purpose of each step and key concepts will be discussed with emphasis on optimizing efficiency and consistency of outcome. Details about various cleaning methods including when and how to use them are also shared with participants. The latest automated and manual cleaning methods for wet and dry plants will be compared and described on how and when to use each method. The session concludes with examples from the field and a question-and-answer exchange with our experts.

Learning Objectives:
• Provide Spanish-speaking attendees an understanding of the optimal sequence of events in sanitation to generate a clean and safe surface in an efficient manner.
• Gain the ability to identify differences in wet and dry sanitation procedures and their influence on the selection of sanitation tools.
• Describe how cleaning and disinfection are different and when to apply each method.

Professional Development Groups

  • Sanitary Equipment and Facility Design Professional Development Group


  • Alejandro Rojas, Presenter Ecolab
  • Charles Giambrone, Presenter Rochester Midland Corporation
  • Ileana Richards, Presenter Ecolab
  • Rick Stokes, Moderator Ecolab