Global Food Safety & Technology Forum - Hong Kong

Global Food Safety & Technology Forum
February 3-5, 2016
Hong Kong

There are few issues that challenge the food industry like the way food safety does. In recent years pressure from regulators and consumers has compelled the food industry to react by finding better ways to keep food safe from biological and chemical contamination to physical, allergenic and nutritional hazards.

The Global Food Safety & Technology Forum (GFSTF) has been initiated by The Hong Kong Polytechnic University (PolyU) as a platform to foster closer engagement and collaboration among the industry and academia in strengthening capacity building in food safety – with science as the foundation for enhancing food safety management. In addition to learning and discussing how the food industry can better respond by strengthening food legislation and standards, using scientific risk based approaches, increasing capacity and technical competency, this event will also spotlight on technical challenges encountered by the industry, emerging technologies and their applications.

Whether your organisation is involved with growing, harvesting, formulation, processing, manufacturing, packaging, labelling, transportation, storage, retailing, or serving food, this landmark event allows you to focus and explore practical and cost effective food safety solutions. This two-day Forum intends to provide a powerful platform for food safety professionals to collaborate in tackling mounting and complex food safety problems, minimise risk and address the escalating public concerns about the safety and security of food supplies worldwide. Your participation and inputs will be the key in shaping the development of food safety management and research directions.

An accompanying tabletop exhibit will feature leading innovations and breakthroughs in food safety technologies, systems and products.

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