COLMIC 2016 (Latin American Congress of Microbiology and Food Hygiene - Medellin, Colombia

COLMIC 2016 (Latin American Congress of Microbiology and Food Hygiene
September 27-30, 2016
Medellin, Colombia

From 2016 COLMIC central theme of "Innovation and Sustainability by the Food Microbiology" the organizers intend to give a vision of how the industry must address these challenges through the provision of research at different levels of the food industry, development and innovation of new methodologies and technologies for microbial control in the framework of trade agreements and preferences of consumers.

COLMIC 2016 will be of great benefit and enjoyment of both scientific, technological, economic and commercial sectors. We want the Congress to be an open, dynamic and participatory space where academic, industrial and public sector is linked. We hope that the days arranged for their development are of maximum benefit for updating knowledge, exchange of experiences and generation of agreements and community projects.

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