Travel Award for Health or Agricultural Department Employees in North America

Plaque and travel funds to attend the Annual Meeting of the International Association for Food Protection. Presented to city, county, state, or provincial health or agricultural department employees (epidemiologists, food and molecular microbiologists, and environmental health specialists) working in North America.

  • Sponsored by: IAFP Foundation
  • 2021 Recipient(s): Jennifer Eberly

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Past Awardees

  • 2020 Dietrich Blum, Veronica Bryant, Leslie Cobb, Taryn Hurley, Temesgen Jemaneh, Kendra Kilawee
  • 2019 Gregory Danzeisen, Ashley Giddens, Emily Harvey, Mona Johnson, Lorraine McIntyre
  • 2018 Luisa F. Castro, Jason J. Crowe, Pongpan Laksanalamai, Jessica Laurent, Danielle Wroblewski
  • 2017 Ted Gatesy, Michael Perry
  • 2016 Veronica Bryant, Scott Troppy, Lauren Turner, Christopher Waggener, Chun Wang
  • 2015 Lisa Hainstock, Teresa S. Lee, Laura Matthias, Caitlin McDonnell, Alida Sorenson, Johanna Vostok
  • 2014 Jamie DeMent, Paul Fox, Ted Gatesy, Jennifer Pierquet, Amy Woron
  • 2013 Kathryn Bennett, Barbara Cote, Angela Fritzinger, Krissa Jones
  • 2012 Jeanne Garbarino, Tim Jenkins, Chris Malota, Amie Minor, Brian Sauders
  • 2011 Robyn M. Atkinson, Leslie A. Frank, Joe Graham, Christina Ritchey Wilson