Sponsor Listing

Special contributors and sponsors make possible an enhanced experience for all IAFP Annual Meeting attendees. Through the support provided by our special contributors and sponsors, IAFP is able to offer attendees additional amenities throughout the meeting that might not otherwise be made available. Join us in telling our special contributors and sponsors "Thank You" for providing this important support to our conference.

Become a Sponsor Now

  • Association of Food and Drug Officials (AFDO)
  • Certified Group
  • Consumer Brands Association
  • Cornerstone Flooring
  • Crystal Diagnostics
  • F&H Food Equipment Company
  • Food Safety News
  • FREMONTA Corp.
  • Frozen Food Foundation
  • Institut Merieux
  • Institute for the Advancement of Food and Nutrition Sciences (IAFNS)
  • International Packaged Ice Association
  • Marler Clark Attorneys at Law
  • MERO
  • Nelson-Jameson, Inc.
  • New Food
  • Stop Foodborne Illness
  • Peanut Proud
  • QA Media Group
  • Reagen
  • Vitsab International
  • Walmart
  • The Fred and Elizabeth Weber Trust