Hotel Information

Hotel Reservations via HPN are no closed.

For Booking Assistance, please contact HPN Global:

Monday-Friday 10:30 AM- 6:30 PM Eastern Time +1 480.998.9770 Ext: 2 or email to:

Beware of Housing Pirates: IAFP is aware that attendees and exhibitors may be contacted by third-party agents urging them to book accommodations for the conference. Please be aware that this is often a scam, as these rooms may not exist, are usually offered at higher rates, are non-refundable, and/or carry a significant cancellation penalty.

HPN Global is the only official housing agency for IAFP 2024. IAFP will not call attendees to sell rooms or to obtain personal information. If you are contacted by anyone offering to make your hotel reservation for IAFP 2024, we urge you to not use their services and report this to the IAFP office.