Program Information

Call for Abstract Submissions - deadline was 17 January 2023

Programme (as of 3 January) 

European Symposium Student Travel Scholarship

Preliminary Program Topics

Bacillus cereus and Related Organisms: Differentiating Friend from Foe
Changing Face of Pathogenic Organisms in Food Processing Environments
Chemical Hazards in Infant Foods: From Identification to Risk Ranking
Clostridium botulinum - Opportunities and Challenges for New Testing Methods to Maintain Food Safety in Ready-to-Eat Foods
Creating Capacity of the Next-Generation Food Safety Researchers and Implementers: Experience of Low-and-Middle Income Countries (LMICs)
Food Safety and Microbial Dark Matter – Decrypting the Genomes of Microbiomes
Food Safety of Infant Foods: Care for Our Most Precious
Improving Food Traceability through Global Partnerships, Harmonized Data Elements, and Accessible, Interoperable Software Tools
Latest Developments in International Organisations Making Food Safety Improvements and Successes Measurable
Microbiological Contaminants in Plant Protein Ingredients – Assessing Potential Risks
Paving the Avenue for the Application of Natural Antimicrobials
Raw Milk Safety and Climate Dynamics: Integrating Geographical and Seasonal Variation from Farms of Southern Europe and the Middle East
Responding to Food Safety Crises: Evolving Role of Food Scientists
Testing and Improving HACCP Team Proficiency to Strengthen Food Safety Culture
The Current and Future Landscape of Scientific Publications in the Food Safety Domain
The New Codex Alimentarius Framework for Safe Water-Reuse in Food Production and Processing Developed for Dairy and Fishery Products and Put to the Test in Practice for Fruit and Vegetable Food Products
Towards the Development of Quantitative Microbiological Risk Assessment for Non-Thermal Technologies
What Should the Food Industry and Risk Communicators Know about Peoples’ Kitchen Practices and Beliefs?
When Opposites and Peers Come Together in a Round Table: Zero-Tolerance Versus Microbial Risk Assessment within a Poultry Case Study

Past European Symposia Locations

2022 Munich, Germany
2021 Virtual
2019 Nantes, France
2018 Stockholm, Sweden
2017 Brussels, Belgium
2016 Athens, Greece
2015 Cardiff, Wales
2014 Budapest, Hungary
2013 Marseille, France
2012 Warsaw, Poland
2011 Ede, The Netherlands
2010 Dublin, Ireland
2009 Berlin, Germany
2008 Lisbon, Portugal
2007 Rome, Italy
2006 Barcelona, Spain
2005 Prague, Czech Republic