Program Information

Call for Abstracts - due 18 January 2022

Call for Symposium and Roundtable Proposals - deadline was 5 October 2021

Please note: At this point in time, we expect all presenters and panel members will be present, in person in Munich to interact directly with attendees.  We will monitor COVID-19 conditions and guidance making modifications, if necessary.

Past European Symposia

2021 Virtual
2019 Nantes, France
2018 Stockholm, Sweden
2017 Brussels, Belgium
2016 Athens, Greece
2015 Cardiff, Wales
2014 Budapest, Hungary
2013 Marseille, France
2012 Warsaw, Poland
2011 Ede, The Netherlands
2010 Dublin, Ireland
2009 Berlin, Germany
2008 Lisbon, Portugal
2007 Rome, Italy
2006 Barcelona, Spain
2005 Prague, Czech Republic